About Us

Arcanum Architecture LLC was formed in 2002 by Matthew Evans. Matt has been designing award winning and published projects for over two decades. Working alongside other well respected design professionals since graduating college, Matt’s experience and design style developed. Taking some good advice from employer Mark McConnell, Matt started his own design firm in 1994. Matt’s business ventures and partners have changed over time, but the quality and integrity remained constant. The guiding principal that each project is as important as the next, and that each client deserves the same quality of work has not changed. The values taught to Matt by his parents years ago are true today as they were then, respect people and they will respect you, listening is the key to communication and regardless of what you do in life, try to be the best. No matter what the project budget or size, the quality level of work remains unchanged, each project is a clients dream regardless of cost or size.

Arcanum Architecture, LLC is a proud member of the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau.

Matthew K. Evans, Architect, AIA is a proud member of the American Institute of Architects.